Why You Need Truck Steps

When you’re from Alaska like I am, you get used to seeing trucks. They are the standard mode of transportation because they can handle the frost heaves, you can pack the bed with wood for the winter, and they protect you better on slick winter roads when you inevitably slide into snow berms. Their 4-wheel drive capabilities also help reduce sliding around (which means you get stuck less often than people in little cars). For all these reasons and many more, most families in Alaska have at least one truck.

Despite their popularity, though, a lot of people continue to struggle to get in and out of the bed. That’s where truck steps come in. See, in my family, there are all daughters. But that doesn’t prevent us from having to do heavy work so the family can be ready for winter. We heat most of the house with a wood stove to save on oil costs.

Hard Working Women

When I turned 16 my dad decided to buy another truck. It is mainly to help keep my sisters and I stay safe on the way to school, but we are also expected to help cut and load wood for the winter. Because we take after our mom’s side of the family, meaning we’re “vertically challenged,” my dad made sure to have nerf bars installed on the sides.

Because of his forethought, we never have any problems getting into the cab. Getting into the truck bed was a different story. Since we had been doing it for years, we were pretty quick at chopping the wood.

Loading Posed Problems

Loading it into the bed was a completely different story, though. We had to jump and pull ourselves up in order to get the wood stacked nicely from the back. Sometimes it took us a few tries, which meant we were pretty slow. We also got tired pretty quickly.

So, anyway, after we had been doing this for a few days, our dad finally realized there was an issue and took the truck in to get further customized.

When he brought it back, there were truck steps installed on the back, making it much easier for us to get up to load the bed. Before the truck steps were installed, it would take us five hours to load. I know it probably doesn’t seem like that much extra time to have to jump up onto the bed, but it adds up over the long-term.

Truck Steps

Once the truck steps were installed, it only took the three of us three hours to fill it up. We also shaved about an hour off of our unload time. That’s three hours saved per load. Over a week that nearly doubled the amount of wood we were able to haul, which meant we had our winter stockpile ready sooner.

For us, that meant more time for friends before the school semester started. Truck steps probably offer the most direct use to those who are short (like my sisters and me).

But that doesn’t mean taller people can’t benefit as well. After seeing how efficient the truck steps made us, our dad decided to have them installed on his truck. Even though he’s already 6’2″ and it wasn’t such a struggle for him to get into the bed, he also found that he saved some time in loading up.

Useful Accessories

That is why I think truck steps are a useful truck accessory for anyone. For him, most of the time he saved came from conserving energy.

It was physically a lot easier to climb a few steps compared to repeatedly pulling himself up into the truck. (Even his long legs weren’t quite long enough to step right into the bed). Basically, anyone who owns a truck and uses it for manual work (like loading and hauling) should really look into adding truck steps.

It will increase your speed and prevent you from tiring out as quick. And since time is probably the most valuable thing we have, it’s important to maximize it as much as we can.

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