Truck Driver Safety Checklist and Tips With Videos

Commercial truck driving is a high-risk profession. A truck driver has a tremendous responsibility for handling trucks along with facing other obstacles like bad weather, technical difficulties in truck, etc. It is important for a truck driver to follow some basic safety measures to reach his final destination safely. This is especially important if you buy a used truck. When they do not follow these safety measures, accidents took place and many truck drivers are either injured or killed. The injuries and fatalities take place due to fuel fires and vehicle collisions too.

Let us see, what safety measures are important for a truck driver. The health of the truck driver is the most important aspect when we talk about trucking safety.

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Precautions for truck driver

• Truck drivers should be relaxed and alert while driving. You should not drive if you are exhausted. Driving while you are fatigued is equally dangerous like driving while you are intoxicated.

• Have sufficient breaks. It is recommended to actually get down from truck so that you can make yourself alert and fresh on long hauls. Notice fatigue levels of your body.

• Wear comfortable clothing as you need to sit in one posture for a long period which can cause health problems.

• Though long haul trucking involves continuous driving and leads to frustration. Hold your emotions while driving.

• Do not show your anger to other drivers by flashing lights at them. Ensure you use the horn cautiously which will not annoy other drivers.

• Do not distract yourself by honking or yelling the horn or hammering on the steering wheel. Just focus on your driving.

• Avoid distracting other drivers by using glared overhead lights on your vehicle. Be a cautious and considerate driver.

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Truck Driver Safety Checklist

The truck driver should do a pre-trip inspection before driving. Check the fluids, filters, belts, hoses, spark plugs and belts before using your vehicle. Make sure the tires are filled with air properly. You can read more about how to prevent flat car and truck tires. Check the gas level. Safety measures also involve checking of the following items

• Wheels
• Tires
• Horn
• Windshield Wipers
• Lights(headlights, signal lights ,tail lights, ABS lights )and Reflectors
• Brakes (hand brakes, trailer brakes, service brakes)
• Steering Mechanism
• Rear vision mirrors
• Emergency equipment
• Coupling devices

Long Haul driving safety measures

• Do not cross the speed limit in bad weather. This will help in avoiding collisions, rollovers and jackknifes.

• If the speed limit is below the level due to extra load or bad climate, use your flashers.

• Keeping your truck idle for more than five to six minutes is actually a waste of fuel. Avoid keeping your truck idle while loading, unloading and sleeping.

• Keep a safe distance between your truck and the other vehicle.

• Give proper turning indication before arriving at crossroads so as the other motorists will have proper knowledge of your turning direction.

• You should not park your truck on the road where the speed limit is above 30 mph.

• Never park your truck near side streets or driveways, as it can obstruct the oncoming traffic view for other motorists.

• Never park your truck facing oncoming traffic.

If these simple safety measures are adopted by the truck driver then it will definitely help the truckers to drive safely.

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