Best Truck Bed Tents – Expert Reviews in 2022

To find the best truck bed tent we decided that we needed to test several of these products. Our experts judged the tents on how easy they were to erect, the versatility of truck styles the tent fit, the number of ventilation ports, and the extra features the tent had. We also had novices who had never erected a truck tent try the products to see if they were easy to operate and secure.

The following truck bed tents gained the seal of approval from our experts, and our novices alike.

Reviews of the Best Truck Tents in 2022

1. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

A large number of truck tent manufacturers do not include a full floor in their truck tents. The Napier Backroadz truck tent does have a full floor that allows you to keep your bedding inside your tent clean because it is not exposed to the floor of your truck bed. The full floor also helps you to keep the interior portions of the truck tent protected from weather elements like rain and cold winds.

This truck tent is designed so that it fits almost all truck beds, even the truck beds that have toolboxes and bed liners installed in them. You can easily store this truck tent behind your truck seat and if you go to the beach or the lake, or simply go to a friend’s house and need a place to crash for the night your tent will be there ready to use.

This tent comes with color coded poles so putting it together is as simple as can be, and it has a full rainfly that will protect your door opening from blowing rain so your bedding stays dry. You get 5’6” of headroom when you have the tent installed so most people have ample amounts of room for doing things like changing clothes, making their bed, and such.

2. Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent

Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent

If you love the outdoors, and you love camping, hiking, and spending time in the outdoors, then you are going to love being able to turn your truck bed into an instant ‘camper’. The Guide gear compact truck tent quickly assembles over your compact truck bed to create a protected sleeping environment for two to three people.

In just a few minutes you can pull this tent out from behind the seat of your compact truck and have it in place so you can sleep in your truck bed without worrying about rain, wind, or falling dew. Your bed will be up off of the ground so you do not have insect worries, or damp earth beneath your bed worries. It is perfectly ventilated so you are not hot, but the mosquitos and biting bugs are kept away. It even comes with a rain fly to cover the tent in case a little shower does pop up.

There are only four poles to use when you are pitching the tent so it is very simple. You will have more than four feet of headroom so you will easily be able to dress and undress while you are in the tent.

3. Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

If you have a full size truck, and you love to camp out, or go on spur of the moment adventures, then the Guide Gear full size truck tent is the perfect tent for you. It pops up on the back of your pickup truck using only four poles. So you can easily remember how to assemble and disassemble it. It only weighs eleven pounds!

You can carry in the truck with you either behind the seat or under the seat and whenever you find yourself needing sleeping accommodations for the night you will have your tent with you.  You anchor the tent to your vehicle using tension straps, and the shock corded fiberglass poles hold it erect so that you have more than five foot of headroom when the tent is erected.

It has perfectly placed ventilation opening so you will not get too hot when you are in the tent. It comes with a rain fly so you can cover the ventilation openings if it were to start to rain. It also has two nice storage pockets inside the tent so you can keep your flashlight, wallet, and important items close at hand.

4. DAC Full – Size Truck Tent

DAC Full – Size Truck Tent

This truck tent will easily fit on any truck or SUV that is full size and has a tailgate.  You simply erect the truck tent and secure it to the under frame and wheel wells using the provided elastic shock cords, and you instantly have a camping unit ready to use. It eliminates sleeping on the damp ground with uncomfortable rocks, pebbles and sticks beneath you. You do not have to worry about the creepy crawly bugs creeping their way into your bed, and you are protected from the rain and the blowing wind.

The tent has two way zippers so it is easy to reach the zipper whenever you want to get in or out of the tent. There are two mesh windows that allow air to come into the tent without letting mosquitos, flies, or gnats into the tent. You can even fold back the tent door panels and tie them in place so that more air can enter the tent. When you need more privacy simply let those door panel covers down and zip them into place.

The tent is light and comes with a convenient carry bag so you can store it behind the seat of your truck, or in your tool box and the tent will stay clean and protected. It is fashioned from fire retardant materials for your safety.

5. Rightline Gear 110730 Truck Bed Tent

Rightline Gear 110730 Truck Bed Tent

The Rightline Gear full size standard truck bed tent is easy to put up, convenient to carry with you, and capable of fitting the majority of full size truck beds. This tent is floorless, and some people say that they are afraid they will have too much dirt in their sleeping area because there is no attached floor. The truth is that the lack of an attached floor makes the tent easier to erect, and if your truck bed is dirty you can put a tarp on the bed of the truck before you erect the tent. The real beauty of that is you can keep the tent separated from the dirty floor covering when you pack up so cleaning the tent area is easier.

Color coded poles make it very easy to set the tent up. You also get plastic buckles that will not scratch your truck paint or mar the finish on your truck.

You will love the sky view window on those warm nights so you can lie back and watch the stars while you drift off to sleep. On the nights when the rain falls you can throw the rain flap over the tent and stop the rain from coming in.

6. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

The Kodiak Canvas truck tent can withstand the rain and the wind, and it is more durable than many of the other truck tents because the Kodiak is made from 100% cotton duck canvas. This canvas is a breathable material that sheds water so you stay dry and you do not get as hot while you are inside.

When the tent is in place you will have a full five foot of head space. This means dressing and moving around inside the tent will be easier to do. The steel tubing frame is sturdy and it mounts on the truck bed to create a secure fit. There are pockets to store your gear in, and it has five windows to allow for proper ventilation. You even get a cab access window that allows you to run a cord to your battery or cigarette lighter so you can power things inside the tent.

Canvas tents are the perfect solution for anyone who has ever camped in the winter months because they are tough enough to hold snow off of you and they stop the cold winter winds from simply whipping through. You get more space with this truck tent than you do with many others because it is designed to set up with the tailgate down to give you a little more room.

7. SportZ Truck Tent Blue/Grey

The SportZ truck tent is designed so there is no need for guide ropes to keep the tent in proper position. The awning of the tent is a 4’ x 4’ piece of fabric that secures to the tailgate of the truck so there is no need for lines stretched out to trees. This tent easily sleeps two people and provides you the comforts of camping in a tent with the comforts of having a camper that is off of the ground.

You get plenty of headroom with a five-foot-six-inch clearance and you get plenty of ventilation with two mesh windows and side vents. It sets up quickly and easily using color-coded poles that go into sleeves. Most people will spend a total of ten minutes pitching this tent, and when you take it down there is a convenient carry bag to store it in.

This truck bed tent has a complete floor in it so your bedding does not have to be exposed to any dirt that may be on the bed of your truck. The complete floor also helps prevent the intrusion of insects, spiders, or bugs. You will also have less moisture or rain seepage because the floor will stop moisture before it can penetrate your comfortable bed.

How to Pick the Best Tents for Truck Bed

Picking a truck tent is based on personal preferences, the type of camping you want to do, and the type of truck that you own. If you consider the following things when you are shopping for your truck tent then you will more than likely get a tent that you are happy with.

Truck tent Styles

  • Is the tent designed for a full size pickup or is it designed to be used on an SUV?
  • Is the tent designed for use on a compact or small truck or is the design for a full size truck bed?
  • Is the tent designed to be erected with the tailgate of the truck down or up?

Next you have to consider some personal preferences in truck tents such as:

  • How much head clearance does the tent provide and how much head clearance do you need?
  • How many windows are on the tent?
  • Does the tent have a window on top so you can view the night sky?
  • Does the tent have storage compartment pockets inside?
  • How many people is the tent designed to accommodate?
  • Does the tent have ports that allow you to run an extension or power cord into the tent and still close the doors and windows properly
  • If you plan to camp in winter or snowy conditions make certain that the tent poles can handle the added weight of snow. You also want to buy a tent with material that is going to block the cold winds.
  • Does the tent come with covers that prevent rain from getting into the tent?
  • Does the tent have a floor or is the floor of your truck bed going to be exposed? If the floor of your truck bed will not be covered you may want to consider buying a tarp that you can put down prior to erecting your tent. This may lead to extra work when stretching the tent, and when taking the tent down, and it may lead to extra money being spent on the tent.
  • How do the security straps attach to the truck?
  • How many tent poles does the tent have and how difficult is it to setup

Finding the perfect tent for you will also include your deciding how much money you want to spend on the item. These tents are like all other products; they come in different price ranges so determine the amount you want to spend and then look for the tents that fit your budget.

How to measure for a truck tent?

Before you buy a truck tent you need to know that some of the tents are designed to go on pickup trucks with a standard bed, and some of them are designed for compact or smaller trucks, while there are some tents designed to be used with an SUV. Carefully read the manufacturer’s specifications prior to purchasing a truck bed so you can be sure that you get a tent designed to be used with the vehicle type you have.

How to make your truck bed measurements?

  • Measure the length of your truck bed with your tailgate down
  • Measure the width of your truck bed
  • Measure how high the truck sits off of the ground if you are buying a tent that sits on the ground and in the back of the truck

Now you want to shop for a tent that can be positioned on the truck that you own. Each tent should give you the exact dimensions so you can determine if the tent will properly fit your vehicle.

Select the Style

Truck bed tents are not all created the same. The following tent differences change the size of the truck and style of the truck they will fit on.

  • Is the tent designed to sit on the truck bed with no portion of the tent on the ground?
  • Is the tent designed to be used with the tailgate of the vehicle in the down position?
  • Is the tent designed to be on the ground with a portion of the tent on the bed of the truck?

Some other measurements that you should consider when you are buying a truck bed tent are:

  • The ceiling height of the erected tent. Dome tents generally provide greater amounts of ceiling clearance. This is especially important to people who are taller than average.

The following accessory features may change the dimensions of the tent, and some of the accessories features simply make the tent more comfortable.

  • Interior pockets for storage
  • Openings so you can run a power cord from your battery or cigarette lighter in your vehicle
  • The number of windows and the position of those windows
  • The rain flaps or awnings that go in front of the tent door

The biggest consideration you have in measurements is the amount of bed space you have. If you have tool boxes or bed liners in the truck these items can reduce the available space for pitching a truck tent.

Why truck bed tents/uses of truck tent

If you like the great outdoors, and you like camping, then you may want to consider purchasing a truck tent because:

  • A truck tent is small and lightweight so it is easy to carry along with you. You can even keep these tents behind the seat of your vehicle so you always have it handy when you need it.
  • A truck tent allows you to sleep in a traditional type tent with the cool air coming in through the window ventilation
  • Many of these tents have windows on the very top of the tent so you can lie in bed looking at the stars while you drift off to sleep
  • These tents allow you to camp in a tent but be off of the ground so the ground moisture does not seep into your bedding.
  • Truck tents can be pitched by one individual where traditional tents often require two or more people to set them up
  • Truck tents allow you to camp anywhere you can park your truck so if you are exploring you do not have to clear a spot for your tent. This allows you to not have to sleep in the crowded tent camping areas of state parks, and it allows you to not have to disturb the natural flora and fauna when you pitch your tent.
  • Truck tents attach to your truck so you do not have to string guide wires across your camping area, you do not have to hammer nails into trees, and you do not have to hammer stakes into the ground. Anyone who has ever camped in a tent knows that you have to take extra stakes with you because the stakes often bend or break when you are trying to drive them into the ground. This problem is solved by using a truck tent.

Buying a truck tent allows you to turn your normal pickup truck into a mobile tent, and this could save you time and money on your next adventure.

Final Note

The best truck bed tent is the one that fits into your budget and lifestyle. When you are shopping pay less attention to manufacturer names and more attention to the design of the tent, the materials the tent is crafted from, and the number of features the tent has.

Having one of these tents will allow you to be more spontaneous about sleeping accommodations when you go hiking, fishing, to the beach, or just to a relative’s house for the weekend, so keep your truck tent behind the seat of your vehicle where it is always with you.

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