Best Tonneau Cover for Toyota Tacoma – Reviews of 2022 and Previous Models 

If you own a Tacoma then you know that there are times you want to haul things like tools, groceries, or luggage. You do not want the items in the bed of your truck to be exposed to dust, rain, snow, or the prying eyes of other people.

The only way to haul items in your Tacoma and not have them exposed to the elements or in danger of being stolen when you are inside a store is to put a Tonneau cover on your truck bed. If you are owning a Crewmax then don’t miss this: Toyota Tundra Bed Cover.

The Tonneau cover will be aesthetically pleasing, and it will give you freedom and peace of mind. Below we are reviewing the 6 best Toyota Tacoma Tonneau Cover.

Best Tonneau and Bed Covers for Tacoma – Reviews

Gator ETX Toyota Tacoma Tri Fold Tonneau Cover

Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover 59409

This Tonneau cover is made in the USA.

It is designed to be easily installed without any tools. The design implements simple rails that can be clamped onto the bed of your Tacoma without using a drill. You will not introduce a means for moisture to penetrate beneath your protective sealant and cause a corrosion issue.

Once the cover has been clamped into place on the rails your truck bed will be protected from elements like wind, rain, snow, or dirt and dust. The cover looks attractive, and your items in your truck are not visible to everyone. This reduces the possibility of theft from your truck.

This cover weighs only 23.4 pounds and can be installed by 1 person. It measures 64” x 25” x 8” so it is a perfect fit on a Tacoma manufactured from 2016 to 2019, that has a 5 foot bed.

Max-Mate 2019 Toyota Tacoma Bed Cover

Max-Mate Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

This Tonneau cover is designed to be used on Tacoma trucks. This cover can be used on trucks that have a deck rail system in place and can be used on truck beds that do not have a deck rail system in place. The cover can be purchased in sizes to fit a 5’ bed or a 6’ bed.

The cover is made from 24-ounce marine-grade vinyl for maximum water resistance and protection. The framework is made from aircraft-grade aluminum so it is strong, reliant, and it will offer no corrosion problems.

The 5’ cover weighs 29.9 pounds and measures 65.5” x 25.2” x 0.9”. The necessary mounting hardware is included with the cover.

The vinyl cover has crossbars that support it and gives it extra strength. When you want to remove the cover the crossbars are easily folded where they can be stored in a toolbox or behind the seat of the vehicle.

Tyger Auto T3 Tri-Fold Truck Tonneau Cover

Tyger Auto T3 Tri-Fold Truck Tonneau Cover TG-BC3T1630

This Tonneau cover is specifically designed to fit your Toyota Tacoma, and give you the maximum amount of protection for the items you may need to haul in the bed of your truck. The 24-ounce marine vinyl cover is sturdy, water-resistant, and it is going to resist fading, and cracking from being exposed to the sun and elements.

The heavy-duty powder-coated aluminum frame is going to maintain the integrity of the cover, and have no tendency to rust or corrode. It can be installed with a simple no drilling process, and all of the hardware you need for installation comes in the package with the cover.

To make the cover more durable the manufacture has included pre-assembled horizontal crossbars you place under the vinyl cover. When you need to remove the cover or be able to use the entire bed of your truck these crossbars will fold up and store easily.

Tyger Auto T1 Roll Up Toyota Tacoma Truck Cover

Tyger Auto T1 Roll Up Truck Tonneau Cover TG-BC1T9044

This cover is designed to fit a fleetside truck with a 5’bed. The vinyl cover is dual-coated so the rain, sleet, and other elements are not going to penetrate it or affect it.

The crossbars that add the support to the cover when it is over the bed conveniently roll up with the cover when you remove it.

The side rails the cover clamps onto are made from aircraft-grade aluminum. They have a great amount of strength, and they do not rust. The clamps used to mount these rails to your truck are made of stainless steel. You do not need to drill holes to install this item, and you need no tools to remove it when you are ready.

The cover has Velcro strips at the sides that help keep it pulled tautly. At the tailgate, it has a latch lock system to keep it down and keep prying eyes from viewing what is under it.

BAK-Flip Toyota Tacoma Hard Bed Cover

BAK-Flip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover 448426

This amazing Tonneau cover is made of aluminum panels that have a beautiful matte finish. It provides the ultimate protection to everything kept in the bed of the truck. It also resists scratches and damages from the sun.

You can open the cover from either side of the vehicle. You can also close the cover with the tailgate in the open or closed position.

It has a flush mount so it has a low profile and looks sleek on the back of the truck. When it is folded tight against the cab of the truck it will expose all of your truck bed for use, but will not obstruct the third brake light at the back of the cab.

It comes with prop rods that will hold the cover open and then fold easily to close the cover.

TruXedo 5 feet Soft Roll-Up Cover for Tacoma

TruXedo 5 feet Soft Roll-Up Cover for Tacoma

This Tonneau cover is made from leather grain material that looks elegant on your vehicle. The material is designed to be exposed to the outside elements without being damaged by those elements.

It comes in sizes proper for a 5’ bed or a 6’ bed. It is mounted so that it sits 1 ½” from the top of the truck bed to create a captivating look.

This cover has a pre-set tension control established in the dual latch system so the cover is kept tautly stretched. This allows it to shed water, protect your belongings from snow, or dust, and look good.

It can be easily installed with no drilling. There are dual paddle latches on either side that hold the cover tightly to the rail. There are also straight cross tubes in position to make the cover stronger so that it does not sag.

How to Install a Tonneau Cover on a Toyota Tacoma?

  • You will want to get the four brackets that come with your Tonneau cover and slide those brackets under the rail of your truck.  There will be an end cap at the end of the rail closest to your tailgate. Slide that cap off and put two of the brackets on each side, then replace the end cap.
  • Line your cover up with the front of your truck bed.
  • Under the cover, there will be a clip that you line up with the bracket you installed earlier. The clip should easily clamp into the bracket.
  • Unfold the cover, making sure it is properly aligned with the side of the truck.
  • In the end, there will be two more of those clamps that fasten to the brackets you installed earlier. Hook the clamps in the bracket.
  • You can fold the cover-up and use the straps on the cover to hold it open when you need to haul something. The cover can be open with the tailgate in either the closed or open position.

How to pick the Tacoma Bed Covers?

The best Tonneau covers for Tacoma trucks are the covers that perform as the truck owner wants. These covers can be attractive, and they come in soft vinyl or hard top versions. Your personal preference and the way you use your truck will determine which cover is best for you.


If you travel a great deal and often sleep in motel rooms you want a hardtop cover that can lock. You also want to check out covers that allow you to open the tailgate of the vehicle without opening the entire cover.

The hardtop covers provide the maximum amount of protection, but they also tend to block a greater amount of the truck bed and reduce the ability to haul large loads that are bulky. The hardcovers are usually flip-top covers.


Roll-top covers that work like garage doors work are a good choice for people who need enough protection to allow them to lock their cover in place, but who also need the ultimate access to the truck bed so they can haul large loads or tall loads. The roll covers roll up onto a drum that is positioned at the front of the truck. They are easy to install and to operate.

Protect your Truck

If you simply want a cover to protect the truck bed contents from rain, dust, or blowing out of the truck you will likely be satisfied with a soft leather cover that ties in place. These covers will protect your belongings and they are very easy to remove if you choose to have the truck bed open.


When buying a cover you have to remember that you need the exact measurements of your Tacoma so you can order a cover that will be a precise fit. You do not want to have to do any alterations to your cover.

Easy to Open

Quick opening covers like the BAKFlip Revolver X2 roll back to expose the available truck bed. These covers are easy to operate and they give you the peace of mind of knowing that your contents are protected.

The T3 Trifold Tonneau cover by Tyger Auto is one of the flip-style covers. These covers allow you to haul items on top of the cover, and they provide you with a low profile cover that allows you to have easy access to the truck bed and contents. The problem with these flip covers is they do reduce the amount of truck bed that you have available for hauling large appliances or large loads.

Final notes

A Tonneau cover on the back of your Tacoma will make it possible for you to haul more things safely. These covers are perfect from stopping rainwater or dust from getting on the things in the back of your truck.

These covers are also amazing theft deterrents. If people can see in the back of your truck they can reach over the side and grab whatever item they choose to. If a cover is in place they have no idea what is in the back of your truck A few of these models are also fit for Chevy Silverado and F150 Truck.

Tonneau covers also make a truck look neater, and they increase the resale value of the vehicle.

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