Best Short Antenna for F150

If you ever owned an F150 truck in your life, then you probably already know how convenient it is to have a short antenna instead of a long one. Parking your truck in a garage or even driving in tight spots becomes a lot more troublesome when your truck has a long antenna.

These long antennas are very weak and are prone to breakage in heavy wind. They might scratch the body of other vehicles without you even noticing. That is why most people tend to prefer a short antenna.

Here we have gathered a number of the most preferred options for the best short antenna for F150. Experts highly recommend these, and you should consider getting one of them for making a quality purchase!

Rydonair Antenna Compatible with Ford F150

Has a shape memory feature, meaning it will get back to its original shape after being bent. Made of quality rubber, it fits 2009-21 Ford F-150 models.

More low profile than usual 31” long antennas in your car by default. Installation doesn’t require any tools.

The reception range of the 13” antenna is better than AntennaMastsRus because of its length. But not too tall to scrap your garage door. Offers clear sound without any static like FM stereo.

The 2×2 carbon fiber wrap that comes with the antenna fits the interior carbon fiber package well. The design is sleek compared to the AntennaMastsRus.

AntennaMastsRus – Made in USA – 4 Inch Black Aluminum Antenna is Compatible with Ford F-150

AntennaMastsRus - Made in USA - 4 Inch Black Aluminum Antenna is Compatible with Ford F-150

Only 4” in length – one of the shortest options you may find for your Ford. Made of 6061 aluminum, ensuring sturdiness. Anodized and quality finish make the item long-lasting.

Although being short, the reception isn’t affected and you will be getting quality sound from the radio in the range.

Doesn’t require to be removed while washing your car. And the best part, it looks very stylish due to the anodized finish!

The reception range is going to be lower than most antennas like the Rydonair as it is a pretty short one. You may face issues if you are farther than 25 miles.

CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna for Ford F-150

CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna for Ford F-150

Metal build of the stubby makes it long-lasting. It is powder-coated and does not break, chip or fade while keeping the original look.

This one’s even shorter than AntennaMastsRus, as its height is under 4 inches. A perfect option for garage doors and high winds. Fits any Ford Raptor from 2010 to 2021 models pretty well.

Compared to AntennaMastsRus’ reception issues, Stubby rarely causes problems even though it is shorter. It is a better choice if listening to the radio is more important to you than better aesthetics. The only design part of the antenna that can be criticized is “The Stubby” written at the bottom.

Car Wash Proof Short EPDM Rubber Antenna – USA Stainless Steel Threading – Powerful Internal Copper Coil/Premium Reception

Car Wash Proof Short EPDM Rubber Antenna

Built with durable stainless steel that can survive any weather condition. It has USA 304 Stainless steel as its threading that ensures more longevity. The high-quality rubber mast is highly flexible.

It is totally car wash proof, meaning you do not have to worry about damaging it during a car wash. The 6-3/4” size makes it short.

Manufactures focused more on practicality than look, so it has clearer reception than Rydonair. It is also easy to install just with the help of a wrench. The logo of the company on the bottom is faint.

Buying Guide for F150 Short Antenna

Buying the right antenna for your F150 can be tricky, especially because of the vast variety now found in the market. And blindly buying a short antenna might do more harm than good. You don’t necessarily need to read an encyclopedia to pick the short antenna suitable for you. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when buying a short antenna for your F150:

Types of Antenna

You will generally find three types of antennas in the market: satellite, internal and external antennas. Interior antennas can be placed anywhere in the vehicle and provide excellent performance. Here you have the advantage of placing the antenna anywhere you want. External antennas are places outside of the vehicle, so they get exposed to external extremities. Satellite antennas are located on the top of the roof of the vehicle and come with a dashboard dock. All of these perform brilliantly and come with unique perks of their own.

Design & Material

Bullet and mass style is the most common short antennas found in the market. You can identify a mass style antenna by the round trip. Bullet style antennas are considerably more popular and can last longer.

A wide range of materials can be used to produce short antennas. Aluminum is deemed to be the sturdiest material. Antennas made from plastic and rubber also perform very well and can withstand cruel external conditions.


An antenna has to go through a lot, and over time it can be susceptible to breakage. That is why you should always go for sturdy and durable antennas. Short antennas tend to be quite sturdy by themselves. Some are made of flexible material, and some are snap-resistant.

Final Note

Compared to all of the above models Rydonair Antenna is in out top choice for its reception range and easy installation feature. What is your favorite one?

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