Best Rust Converter for Truck Frame

Over time the frame of a truck is likely to develop some rust spots on it. No matter how careful you are with your vehicle, or what precautions you take, there will come a time when rust makes an appearance.

You do not have to give up on your truck if you see a little rust on the frame. You do not have to drag out a sandblaster and spend days on end removing all of the rust. All you need is to get the best rust converter for a truck frame and turn the negative rust into something positive.

Best Rust Converters for Truck Frame

1. Rust Converter ULTRA, Highly Effective Professional Grade Rust Repair (1 Gallon)

Rust Converter ULTRA Highly Effective Professional Grade Rust Repair (1 Gallon)

This product takes the rust that you see developing on your truck frame and converts into an inert coating that is capable of sealing out moisture and preventing any further corrosion or damages to your vehicle.

By using Rust Converter Ultra you can eliminate the need to do things like sandblasting, grinding and scraping. We all know that those are means of removing rust and taking metal to a point where rust is not, but those methods of rust removal also compromise the metal and make the metal thinner so the frame of the truck is not as strong. Those methods also take a lot of work and effort, so repairing the rust damage will be tedious and time consuming, but when you use Rust Converter Ultra you will save time, save effort, and save your truck frame from further damages.

This product does not just prevent future rust from happening, it actually converts the rust you can see, (and the rust you cannot see), into a dark colored protective coating. It also prevents further corrosion from happening, and can be used prior to any painting because it is an excellent primer.

Save time and money, and save your truck metal by applying this product if you ever see any rust.

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2.Ospho 605 Metal Treatment

Ospho 605 Metal Treatment

Ospho 605 metal treatment is not a paint, it is a rust inhibiting coating that you apply to stop rust from causing any more damage to metal surfaces like truck frames, metal yard furniture, metal awnings and more.

You do not have to worry about sanding away the rust that is visible to the naked eye, or grinding and sand blasting the metal surface to remove the rust prior to applying the Ospho metal treatment. All you have to do is remove the loose paint and the rust scale. This is easily done with a simple wire brush. When you finish with the wire brush you are ready to apply the metal treatment.

This metal treatment is recommended prior to painting any metal because the paint will adhere to the metal surface better and will reduce the possibility of moisture and oxygen having the chance to penetrate beneath the painted surface and allow rust and corrosion to begin.

This product is very thin, it has a consistency of water instead of paint so it is easy to apply, it goes further than the same amount of paint would, and it dries very quickly so you do not have to wait for days before you begin to paint you truck.

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3. PlastiKote 624 Rust Converter, 16 oz.

PlastiKote 624 Rust Converter 16 oz

If you are tired of dealing with rust on metal surfaces, and you are tired of having to replace items because rust has started to deteriorate them, then you need the PlastiKote 624 rust converter. This product does not just cover rust up so that you can’t see it anymore. This amazing product transforms the rust into a hardened surface that you can paint over and forget it, because once the rust is converted it is also inhibited from spreading or reoccurring.

You might be worried that a product of this type could be damaging to the environment, but this rust converter is Earth friendly. This is a non-toxic product, that is non-flammable, and environmentally safe. It contains no hazardous chemicals so you do not have to worry about health issues stemming from its use, or about endangering any plant or animal life.

You do not have to worry that the rust converter will bleed through your subsequent top coats and cause staining on your finishes. It does not bubble or foam when it is applied. It goes on smoothly and dries quickly and best of all it makes rust and corrosion worries a thing of the past.

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4. POR-15 40201 Metal Prep – 1 gal

POR-15 40201 Metal Prep - 1 gal

When you buy a rust converter or metal preparation product that will inhibit rust development you want something that will be easy to apply, and can be used on multiple surfaces. The POR-15 40201 metal prep can be applied with a brush, a roller, or you can use a sprayer and spray the product onto the surface if you want to.

Most metal preparation products will not adhere to shiny metal surfaces or polished metal surfaces but POR-15 metal prep can be used on any surface including aluminum and polished metals.

This product makes your life easier because it is a primer and metal sealer all in one product. It can be used on automobiles, lawn mowers, recreational equipment, trailers, metal furniture, bridges, ferries, farm equipment, and just about anything you can imagine.

Rust is a natural part of metal products. When the iron that is in steel oxidizes then it reverts back into iron oxide from which it came. This product inhibits the oxygen from penetrating beneath the paint so the iron cannot oxidize and rust and corrosion cannot form.

One gallon of this will cover 200 square feet of metal. You will know the rust conversion is complete when the surface turns black.

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5. Permatex 81773 Rust Treatment , 16 oz.

Permatex 81773 Rust Treatment 16 oz

Many people have problems with rust treatments because the rust treatments will adhere to the metal surface of the vehicle but in area where there is body filler or fiberglass being use to correct imperfections the rust treatments do not stick. Oxygen and moisture can then enter the metal by getting under the painted surface and the damages caused by the rust and corrosion can ultimately cause the metal to completely deteriorate.

Permatex 81773 rust treatment can destroy rust on all automotive applications because it is formulated to be used where fiberglass and body filler is present and still create a rust proof surface area on your vehicle. This product creates a protective primer once it has been applied and it is effective on a wide variety of surfaces like: automobiles, farm equipment, bulkheads, decks, plows, tractors, snow removal equipment, fences, pipe, valves and yard décor.

You can apply this rust treatment when the temperatures are between 50 degrees and 90 degrees. It will create a durable black polymer coating on the metal surface and it dries very quickly. One it dries you are ready to put your top coat of paint on the metal and create the beautiful finish you desire.

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Why You need Rust Converter for your Truck Frame

If you have an automobile then you have the possibility of rust forming under the paint of your vehicle and causing your framework to deteriorate and your automobile to become a worthless piece of junk. If you can stop rust from developing under your paint then you can make your valued investment last longer and you can increase the resale value of the vehicle.

Some of the many reason why you should use a rust converter on your vehicle include:

  • A rust converter takes any rust that has already started to form because of moisture or oxidization and makes that rust turn into ferric phosphate. Ferric phosphate is a black substance that gets very hard and it also stops any other rust from being able to form.
  • Rust removers are designed to take away the rust that has begun to develop. Rust removers do not stop oxidization from occurring in the metal after the initial rust is removed so you have to use a rust remover repeatedly over the years. A rust converter gets rid of the current rust on the metal and it stops more rust from developing.
  • When you use a rust remover small amount of the metal is taken away when you take away the rust. The thickness of the metal is reduced so the strength of the metal is also reduced. When you use a rust converter the metal is not made thinner because the converter turns the metal into a useful substance instead of just removing it.
  • A rust converter is easier to use than other products because a rust converter eliminates the need for grinding, sanding the surface, or sandblasting.
  • A rust converter can eliminate the need for a metal primer. When you convert the rust to ferric phosphate the ferric phosphate acts as a paint primer so you can simply paint the vehicle when you are finished.
  • A rust converter can usually be applied by brushing, rolling or spraying it onto the surface. This makes the job of applying the converter easy to do.
  • A rust converter will increase your vehicle value
  • Rust converters are easy to apply and you can do it yourself without specialized equipment or a special painting area
  • Rust converters go farther than paints because they are thinner than paint so they cover more metal and this saves you money

Using a rust converter is a simple way to get rid of the problem of rust and corrosion and make your vehicle look better and last longer.

Buying Guide for the Rust Converter for Truck Frame

Choosing the best rust converter requires you to consider the following things.

Application Methods

When selecting a rust converter you want to choose a product that has the ability to be applied in a variety of ways. You might want to brush your product on or you might prefer to spray the product on. You want something that gives you the freedom to choose how it is applied.

Buying FAQ

Should I use a Rust Converter or a Rust Remover?

A rust converter takes the rust which is iron oxide and turns it into ferric phosphate. A rust remover takes the visible rust on your metal and makes it go away. A rust converter allows the metal to stay strong and useful and a rust remover can compromise the integrity of the metal. A rust converter is easier to apply and requires no extra sanding, grinding or sandblasting.

What Metal Surfaces will the Converter Adhere to?

You have to read the product descriptions of the rust converter you are considering. Many of these products are designed so that they do not adhere to metal surfaces that are polished or shiny. You will also find that some rust converter products will not adhere to body filler or fiberglass that may be on your vehicle.

Can I Paint over the Converter without applying a Primer Coat?

Most rust converters act as the primer coat so you do not have to apply an expensive primer after you apply the converter. Rust converter is thinner than primer or paint so it goes farther and it ultimately costs you less to use than a primer.

How Large of a Surface area will the Converter Cover?

The surface coverage will depend on the thickness of the product, the size of the container you purchase and the method of application. Read your labels on the converter products prior to purchase to determine how large of a surface area the product covers.

Is the product Flammable?

Some rust converters are flammable so you have to read the manufacturer details about the product to determine this.

Is the Product Environmentally Friendly?

The majority of rust converters are environmentally friendly but you need to read the manufacture’s description and warnings to determine if the product you are buying is environmentally friendly.
A rust converter is a very handy product that saves you money, protects your investments, and helps you to have vehicles and metal things that look nicer for longer periods of time.

Final Note

Rust is simply a fact of life. Rust is a naturally occurring item that people fight so that our metal things last longer and look better. Rust converters are a great way to stop rust from creating damages to your metal belongings and create stronger products with more amazing finishes.

Rust converters save you time because they eliminate the need for sandblasting and grinding the visible rust away and allow you to simply brush the surface of the metal with a wire brush and then apply the product. They also dry fast, and they create a very hard coating on your metal that is more protective than simple primer or paint.

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