Best Mud Flaps for F150

As you experience some thrilling rides on some rough and muddy terrain, the muds and messes will cling to your tires and then be thrown back at the side and bottom of your truck.

It is unless you gift your Ford F150 with a set of mud flaps. Mudflaps are types of a protective sheet that stays behind your tires and the rear side of your truck to protect its body parts from messes.

To keep the performance and look of your tire intact, you should install some mud flaps. Below, we are going to introduce you to some of the best mud flaps on the market-

Husky Liners 58456 Fits 2015-20 Ford F-150 – with OEM Fender Flares Custom Front and Rear Mud Guard Se

Comes with a set of both front and rear mud guard with amazing quality built. Only weighing 4.2 pounds, the mud flaps are customized for Ford (2015-20).

The installation process is quick and smooth to be understood by anyone as they need no drilling. Custom built to be wide enough for proper protection to the treads.

They are durable, long-lasting, and can tackle intense weather. Unlike Red Hound, you can install it on trucks with fender flares.

Red Hound Auto Heavy Duty Molded Mud Flaps 2015-2020 Compatible with Ford F-150 Front Rear 4pc Set (for Trucks Without Fender Flares)

The mud guards fit your vehicles without OEM fender flares. The two front pieces and two rear pieces are suitable for F-150 Ford.

The flaps are not only wide but are also thick. Their sizing is perfect, so they don’t stick out. They can obstruct any dirt or liquid from reaching your tire or car door.

An instruction manual and necessary instruments for installation are added to the package. With polymer of excellent grade, Red Hound mud flaps are tougher than Husky Liners 58456.

Husky Liners Fits 2004-14 Ford F-150 – with OEM Fender Flares and with running boards Custom Front Mud Guards, Black,56591

Contains two pieces of front mud guards for Ford F-150 from 2004 to 2014. While being careful with the width, manufacturers also made them block any mess on the roads.

Built with a tough polymer that needs no drill or long process to install. The mud flaps look stylish themselves (black), while they also protect the look of your car.

Installable on your SUV or truck. Aesthetic and sizing-wise, they top the Red Hound mud flaps. They can tackle pretty high or low temperatures without getting any damage.

Red Hound Auto Premium Heavy Duty Molded 2004-2014 Compatible with Ford F-150 Mud Flaps Guards Splash Front Rear 4pc Set (Without Fender Flares)

Both the front and rear pieces are crafted with high-grade polymer. Their sizes are compatible with any Ford F-150 within 2004-2014 and Mark LT from 2006 to 2008.

It can be installed using only the additional components in the package. Suitable for only trucks without fender flares, the flaps also look aesthetically beautiful.

Compared to Husky Liners 56591, they pack more punch at dealing with heavy obstacles. They contain no plastic parts.

WeatherTech 110002-120002 Mud Flaps For 2004-2008 Ford F-150 no Running Boards or Fender Flares

As the brand name sounds, they are specialized in withstanding any weathered condition. It only takes a minute or two to install them. The package contains four pieces of mud flaps.

With the QuickTurn Hardened Stainless Steel Fastening, they can be secured even more strongly. However, you may not need it and only need the extra hardware to install them.

Only suitable for vehicles without flareside boxes and fender flares. These mud flaps are more long-lasting compared to the Red Hound Auto Premium Set.

Plasticolor Ford Blue Oval Easy Fit Mud Guard – Set of 2

They are created with a special fiberglass backing, which makes sure to keep the mud flaps in the perfect shape. They are pretty durable that do not tear or crack.

The main components are of some high-quality PVC, which ensures their longevity. Meanwhile, they can also handle high heat or freezing temperatures.

This package contains the required parts for the installation. The mud guards are Universal fit and can also be cut to fit any vehicle. They feature much more adaptability than WeatherTech 110002-120002. The item is also affordable.

Best Ford F150 Mud Flaps Buying Guide

Installing some mud flaps on your Ford f150 is one of the best things you will be ever done for it. It protects the truck from many potential stains and other harmful chemicals from the street. They come in different materials and looks. The manufacturers normally focus on the overall performance of the mud flaps while making them. But you should carefully inspect other factors when buying a pair for your beloved truck. If you have no idea how to choose the best mud flaps for your Ford f150, you surely will after going through the points below:

Body Material

To ensure the durability of the mud flaps, you got to check the material used on them. There are many material types you can find on mud flaps. But not all are the right choices. For instance, fiberglass and Stainless steel are pretty tough and tackle all short of messes. Meanwhile, rubber can also handle them but needs cleaning more often to prevent wearing out. See if the material can survive even toxic chemicals too.


Mudflaps are installed on the back of your truck tires. As a result, the tire size is the major factor when choosing the fitted mud flaps. If the mud flaps can’t cover the entire tire tread, then dirt and muds will go past the flap, failing its task completely. To avoid that, get the mud flaps that have a width much than the width of the tire.

Installation Process

If you can install the mud flaps yourself, then it will save you money. Also, you may need to occasionally detach your mud flaps to clean it up and reinstall. So, it is necessary that you are self-dependent on the installation process. We suggest getting easy-to-install mudguards.


Just fitting the tire isn’t enough. The mudflaps must also match the types of truck you will use it on. In this case, it is the Ford f150. Obviously, there are mud flaps for other vehicle models too. So, check all the suitable models of mud flaps before checking them.


Considering how excellent a Ford f-150 is, not providing it with the right equipment will be a bad idea. Without some mud flaps, you should not even think of off-roading. But dust and dirt can come from the street too. Let’s not forget about the rainy and snowy days. If you are buying mud flaps, consider having the highly-durable ones. They will have to withstand rocks and heavy mud and all sorts of stuff from the ground. Tearing out is not an option. If the manufacturers give any warranty on the product, know the details properly. Consider the affordability factor too.

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