Best Floor Mats for F150 in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

After buying the Ford F150 of your choice, your very first task is to provide it with some additional items to ensure its longevity. Floor mats are a perfect example of that.

Covering the floor with them makes your car floor ready for long rides. Ford F150 is both an on and off-road vehicle. While driving through the harsh trains, your car will get lots of dust. So, the floor needs a mat.

To help you find the best floor mats on the market, we collected them for you. We also prepared a buying guide to help you do the search yourself.

Best Floor Mats for F150 2022 Reviews

Motor Trend 923-GR Gray FlexTough Contour Liners-Deep Dish Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats

Long-lasting rubber polymer construction and deep grooves to capture dirt – these factors make the Motor Trend mat best for your F150. Unlike other kinds of mats where slush, mud and debris can sometimes spread around, this mat’s deep grooves ensure this dirt stays in the same place, keeping your Ford clean. 

The mat is pretty large, which works in favor of the users as they can cut it down how they please. Its contour lines make it very easy to trim the mat to whatever shape you want and it provides a perfect fit for F150 vehicles. 

If you are tired of getting mats that are small and do not cover the entire area, the 923-GR Motor Trend mat is excellent because of how you can customize it and trim it down to fit your F150. Moreover, the mat is odorless so you do not have to endure the uncomfortable smell of rubber when you install the 923-GR.

Motor Trend Original FlexTough Beige Rubber Car Floor Mats with Cargo Liner

If you already liked the 923-GR from Motor Trend but want it in beige, this is the right choice. If you haven’t already guessed, Motor Trend is top of the line when it comes to mats for F150 vehicles. This mat also features excellent weather protection and can withstand mud, snow and rain without getting damaged. 

The FlexTough is very thick and has an extended longevity. The deep grooves of the mat keep dirt in place without spreading it. The mat is highly recommended if you travel with your pet and they like to make a mess. Moreover, the high ridges have enough space that allows you to clean the mat easily. 

The FlexTough mat is large enough to fit your F150 properly. All you have to do is trim down the sides. The contour lines make it easy to trim down the mat to whatever size you need! 

BDK M783 ProLiner Heavy Duty Rubber Black Car Floor Mats Liner for Auto – All Weather 3 Piece Set

You do not want the grooves of your car’s mat not get flattened out over time. That is why the M783 DuraChannel mat consists of durable grooves. Made of excellent rubber polymers, the mat including its groove is long-lasting and won’t have to expect any sort of deformation or cracks. 

Unlike other cheap quality mats, this does not move around inside your car. Instead, the rubberized nibs ensure the mat stays in place and provides a no-slip grip. The grooves, even though not as deep as the Motor Trend mats, keep dirt in place.

If black color is not your preference, you can go for beige or gray. A peak feature of this set of mats is that they are resistant to stains and waterproof. The mats prove their title of an all-season item by tackling against any weather condition. We tested them under extreme heat and cold, and the results were satisfactory.

Husky Liners 53341 Black X-act Contour Front Floor

Many of us want a floor mat that is durable and tear-resistant yet feels soft to put our feet on. That is where the 53341 Black X-Act by Husky Liners comes into play. The usage of thermoplastic elastomer worked greatly in order to make it long-lasting, while its elasticity ensures a comfortable experience.

These mats were crafted especially for Ford F-150 SuperCab and SuperCrew Cab from 2015 to 2019. So, it will fit your f-150 without any trimming needed. Although, you can still trim it. While this link takes you to the front floor mats, you can also pick rear ones or both as a combo.

53341 Black X-Act’s extreme weather resistance allows it to handle messes like heavy mud, Snow, or hot Coffey spills without any damage. The StayPut Cleats will lock the mats while their high edges keep any liquid or dirt in place.

Husky Liners 98331 Black Weatherbeater Front & 2nd Seat Floor

If the 53341 Black X-Act piqued your interest, but your f-150 is from before 2015, you can check out the 98331 Black Weatherbeater. This mat with almost the same features as the last item was designed for Ford f-150 SuperCrew Cab from 2009 to 2014.

Available for both front and rear seat floor, these mats will fit perfectly on your f-150 without any trimming requirements. In fact, it matches according to the contour details of the vehicle.

Like the previous item, this mat set can go through heavy snow, heat, mud, or chemicals without tearing or staining. If you worry about spreading the messes in your vehicle, the mess-containing ability of the grooves will please you.

The mats are rugged and can survive heavy abuse. To ensure the liners don’t move around, there are factory retentions and StayPut Cleats. It will be so easy to install them.

Buying Guide for F150 Floor Mats

Using a set of floor mats on the surface of your car-interior floor can successfully save it from all the different harsh conditions. But can all the floor mats do the task? They can, but not all are perfect in the job. Various points, including the materials, types, and designs, indicate how good a floor mat is. There can be other factors too.

If you try to search without knowing enough about all these, you can end up buying a floor mat that wears out pretty quickly. So, go through the points below to get a clear idea on the matter:

Size of the Mat

The very first task of you will be to measure the size of your car floor. If your car floor mats can’t tackle the whole surface, then dirt, furs, and other messes will get under the mat. Without fitting properly, it will slip as you move your legs or have a ride. So, it is mandatory to get the mat that fits the floor.

Many product descriptions mention all the vehicle models they are compatible with, making it easier to understand whether they are suitable or not. We suggest not getting trimmable floor mats as there are risks of over-trimming.


If you want the best performance out of your floor mats, you must look at the body materials. A material that can’t block liquids or UV rays isn’t the right choice. So, make sure that the floor mats have water and UV-resistant layers. You can find lead mats, but they are so toxic to the health of your family. Rubber mats are the perfect item to go for.

Cleaning Process

You must clean your floor mats occasionally as they can easily get dirty. So, the floor mat should be easily detachable. Make sure that it doesn’t have such patterns that make it harder to clean up. Regarding that, rubber mats are easy to clean.


Do not sacrifice the look while focusing solely on the performance. Try to match the floor mats to the elegant look of the Ford F150. There are various types and patterns that floor mats come with. Choose a suitable color too. Unfortunately, most floor mats on the market are usually too less reliable due to their poor built quality.

As a result, you must check how long they can survive before finally wearing out from the previous users-experiences. Your Ford F150 is a powerful vehicle, and it deserves the best protection.

You may even need to spend more than what you expected for the best item.

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