Best Catch Can for F150 EcoBoost – 2022 Buying Guide

As you use your beloved Ford F-150, you should be aware of the common issue of having a dirty intake valve and engine. It happens because of the engine vapors carrying oils along with them. Those oils are the culprit behind the mess. The way to get rid of this trouble is to install a catch can on the truck’s PCV and CCV.

They work by extracting the oil from the vapor and putting them in a can. It is comparatively harder to find a good catch can than other truck parts. But for your F150 EcoBoost engine, this article contains the best catch cans of the current times.

Best Catch Can for F150 EcoBoost 2022 Reivews

2011-2019 F150 2.7EB 3.5EB 5.0 Passenger Side JLT Oil Separator Black

The JLT catch cam is a perfect fit for Ford engines like 5.0L, 2.7 EcoBoost, and 3.5 Ecoboost. So, if you have F150 models from 2011 to 2019, it is a good choice! Made of solid billet, the construction of this gear makes it long-lasting and the OEM fitting ensures proper and easy installation. 

Due to having a multi-stage filter system, the oil separator can easily filter up to 3 ounces of oil at a time and drop vapors into the bottom and filter the rest of the clean air. Moreover, this single valve catch can is excellent if you want to get the budget-friendly gear!

The Jlt does what it’s supposed to do! It collects all the unnecessary and harmful components from oil. You can easily remove these by unscrewing the bottom can and clean all of the debris easily. 

Ruien Universal 350ml Oil Catch Can

The Ruien catch can is one of the lightweight options for your F150 EcoBoost as its construction is made out of 0046 aircraft aluminum. Not only is it one of the lightweight ones, but also greater in strength. It also features O-ring Gasket and a solid TIG weld that ensure no leakage from the gear itself. 

This unit is not as easy to install as the Jlt 3.0 but it is still one of the simpler ones in the market. You can either use the Air Filter that is provided with the Ruien gear or use the screw and clamp for a quick installation. 

A closed-loop system inside ensures no oil residue remains on the oil that is being delivered to the engine. Moreover, similar to the Jlr, getting rid of the residue is pretty easy! 

Ruien Polish Baffled Universal Aluminum Oil Catch Can Reservoir Tank Black

Similar to the 350ml Ruien catch can, this one also has excellent build quality for the price. The aluminum construction is present on this polished baffled gear that makes it strong while being lightweight as well. Moreover, it is also easy to install into your F150 EcoBoost engine. 

Most users do not like the hose sent with this gear as it lacks quality just like the 350ml option from Ruien. However, it is the only negative aspect of this item. Using the O-ring gaskets and seal tape, you can get it hooked up in 15-20 minutes. 

The baffle function works excellent in cooling down the vapor in order to filter it properly. Removing and cleaning the gear is easy as well. If not for the hose, this excellent item can easily compare with the likes of Jlr catch cans. 

Vincos Universal 3/8″&9/16″ 400ml Aluminum Oil Catch Can Dual Cylinder

Offering 50ml more reservoir than the Ruien 350ml can, the Vincos is a dual cylinder can that features a beautiful anodized finish in black that not only gives it a slick look but also ensures it lasts longer. 6061 aluminum construction also plays in the factor to make the can long-lasting. 

It offers options for using the air filter or just as a vented system. For a cheap unit, this offers an excellent solution for your F150 EcoBoost engine. However, compared to gears like Jlt, it has a few disadvantages. For example, the CNC oil is not cleaned during production. There are also some metal flakes. As a result, you would want to clean the gear properly before using it. 

It collects debris pretty fast due to the larger tank size. Moreover, it is better than most of the items on this list if you need a bigger catch can that can hold a larger amount of oil. 

SYKRSS Universal Aluminum Car Truck Engine Oil Catch Can

Having 300ml space for oil, may not be one of the larger options on our list, but it is still an excellent pick for an F150 EB engine due to its construction quality and how easy it is to clean the baffle. It easily collects moisture and oil from the CCV/PCV tank and ensures your engine’s longevity. 

T6061 aluminum construction makes the item as sturdy as some of the better gears like Jlt. We would recommend using better hose clamps as the included ones are pretty bad. But other than that, this is one of the best choices when it comes to cheap catch cans. 

Unlike the Vincos 400ml can, the insides of this gear are clean. However, it is still recommended to clean it up. The in and out markings make it very easy to install the gear into your vehicle’s engine. Overall, a great pick if you are going for a 300ml catch can for your EcoBoost. 

Buying Guide for F150 EcoBoost Catch Can

As we definitely should install an oil catch can to the PCV and CCV of our vehicle engine to keep it clean and long-lasting, we must use the best one. A catch can do a pretty simple job, taking out the oil from the engine vapor.

Even the low-graded catch can indeed is able to do that obvious task. But some other factors that make a catch can be better than others.

You will face certain issues if you buy a catch can without looking into all the details. We are going to discuss these details below-

Overall Performance

Obviously, the first thing to investigate in a car part is its performance. As the catch can take out the oil, some products do it better. They make sure that not a single particle is left behind. Without enough oils being removed, your PCV and CCV will still get dirty. Just a bit slower, that is.

Also, if we are talking about performance, we should mention the ones with two-valves. They provide filtration to both the PCV and CCV at the same time.


If your catch can doesn’t fit the model of your truck, it is a lost cause. You must check the suitable model of a catch can in its details. Also, there is the matter of being compatible with the engine. Since you are working with an EcoBoost, see if the catch can suit the model of it.

There are various models of EcoBoost, including 2.7 or 5.0. So, you got to be careful. There are the universal fitted catch cans too. They fit all truck models.

Can Capacity

The more the can is capable of holding, the more you can go without worrying about your engine. For the longest-lasting usage, take one with at least three fluid ounces maximum capacity. We also suggest not getting too large of a tank, as it can make you spend more than you should.


Catch cans stay in a place of the car that makes them vulnerable to corroding and wearing out. For that reason, you must get the catch can that provides an impressive tackling capability against all of them.

So far, aluminum is the material that can do this job with ease. It lasts longer and is lightweight. Check what you are getting along with the catch can.

The best one will come with many pieces that are necessary for the installation. They make it possible to do the installation process by yourself. No matter how much oil your catch-can can hold, we still recommend draining it after a few hundred miles if possible.

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